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New NIB Heat Gun 1500 Watt Dual Temp Tool Drywall Repair Paint Stripper Glue Remover
Heat Guns
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End time: 20-Apr-14 20:52:19 PDT

New Electric Infrared Paint Stripper
Heat Guns
End time: 23-Apr-14 08:38:49 PDT

New 1200 watt Heat Gun Paint Stripper Remover Shrink Wrap with 4 Nozzles 570-900 F
Heat Guns
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End time: 21-Apr-14 19:28:21 PDT

Paint and Varnish Stripper Kit from Scotch Guard vintage still in original box,
$5.00 Buy It Now: $7.00
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End time: 26-Apr-14 18:53:21 PDT

New 1 Gallon Klean-Strip Aircraft Paint Remover & Stripper - GAR343
Other Auto Tools & Supplies
End time: 26-Apr-14 09:36:51 PDT

New Pro HS HT 1500W Electric Heat Gun 2 Speed 4 Nozzle Power Tool Paint Stripper
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End time: 21-Apr-14 12:38:11 PDT

paint stripper wheel
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End time: 22-Apr-14 16:33:24 PDT

New ZINSSER 42154 Paint Remover and Stripper, 1 qt.
Paints, Powders & Coatings
Free shipping on Zoro Tools orders over $50
End time: 30-Apr-14 15:58:53 PDT

New 3m Solvent And Paint Stripper Reporator Mask. Medium
Respirator Masks
$8.99 Buy It Now: $18.99
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End time: 23-Apr-14 17:46:33 PDT

Wagner Paint Eater Paint Stripper, Model-0282180
Orbital Sanders
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End time: 24-Apr-14 18:41:26 PDT

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Paint Stripper - News

Soy Gel is a paint stripper like no other
But this stripper can take off layers of paint at a time. Would you want to know about it? Of course you would. . It has very little odor. It's completely safe to use inside the house. No more dragging your and more »

HAPPY HANDYMAN: Soy Gel a paint stripper like no other
Johnnie Chuoke's store and website are carrying a new line that is great if you like fragrance but you can't or don't want to burn a candle? LaTiDa makes a great fragrance lamp that will provide more fragrance than any candle. And no flame.

Soy Gel a paint stripper like no other
There are so many different kinds of paint removers. Most of them are so caustic and smell awful that it's necessary to wear a mask. What if I told you there was a paint stripper that did not smell bad? What if it was so safe you could put your bare

Croston man has his car damaged by paint stripper
Croston man has his car damaged by paint stripper Vandals have destroyed the paintwork of a family car in Chorley by pouring paint stripper over it. Yobs targeted the right hand side of a BMW X1 worth £26,000. The car will have to be resprayed and it is expected to cost £4,000. Lancashire Police are 

Police hunt after paint stripper poured over car
The offender approached a car parked on Elm Street before pouring paint stripper over the bodywork of the vehicle causing extensive damage. The offender is described as white, approximately 6ft, with short light coloured hair and dressed all in black.